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Solarscreens will make your vehicle more comfortable.

Solar Screens

SolarScreen installed in an Iveco Daily

Make your motorhome, caravan, boat or tow vehicle more comfortable and private with our range of SolarScreens.


What are SolarScreens?

SolarScreens are removable reflective insulated panels that can be fitted and removed from the inside of your windscreen and side windows in a matter of minutes. They are held in place by easy to remove suction cups. They even come with a handy zippered storage bag. SolarScreens can be made for any model of vehicle, caravan, truck or boat. 


These panels keep the heat out in the summer, the cold out in winter and instantly create privacy in the cabin of your rig, thereby increasing the private living area inside your motorhome.


How do they work?

By stopping light waves. Here's how: All three types of light - visible, infra red (heat) and ultra violet - are in the for of a wave with varying wavelengths, depending on the type of light, like this:

SolarScreen wave lengths

If a material is dense or reflective, light waves cannot penetrate its surface. For example, if you were to hold a piece of paper up to the sun, some visble light would pass through it, as would UV and infra red radiation. But if you hold a sheet of aluminium foil up to the sun, no visible light would pass through it, nor would much UV or infra red radiation. Thats why alluminium (the major part of Solarscreens) makes a good insulative material, because it is reflective, dense and lightweight. Any UV and infra red radiation that does pass through the initial layer of reflective aluminium is much weaker than initially, and so further layers of aluminium and polyethylene foam prevent these waves from passing through the Solarscreen.

The light from the sun is in the form of waves, both visible and invisible. We see the visible waves of light and we feel the invisible waves of heat, also called infra red radiation. We know another invisible wave, ultraviolet radiation or UV, causes skin damage. This UV radiation also causes damage to the interior of your motor vehicle. Solarscreens are made of a unique, patented material that works to minimise that damage done to your vehicle be blocking the path of these waves (both visible and invisible) and minimises heat transfer to and from your vehicle.


Technical Information

During the day, the shiney silver aluminium coating on the outside of Solarscreens reflect the UV radiation and light waves, preventing them from entering the Solarscreen and your vehicle. Inside the material, multiple layers of aluminium and polyethylene insulation prevent heat waves (infra red) from passing though the Solarscreen. And because Solarscreens are custom made to fit your windows, no light will enter your vehicle. All of this prevents sun damage to your vehicle interior, and keeps it cool as well!

At night, Solarscreens insulate you in the warm interior of your vehicle from the sometimes much colder exterior. The multiple layers of aluminium and polyethylene insulation prevent heat from passing through the Solarscreen. The inside layer of Solarscreens is an anti-condensate PVC film eliminating 80% of condensation - no more drips!

SolarScreen Cutaway



Contact us to discuss how SolarScreens can be custom designed for your vehicle.

  • Marilyn Skardon on

    I’m interested in your solar screen and would like to make an enquiry into the price of one for our Isuzu NP 300motorhome.

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