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Stainless Steel Awning Clips

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Stainless Steel Awning Clips


Pair of Stainless Steel Awning Roller Clips for rope tie down of roller awnings.

These clips allow you to support the wind-load uplift where the load pressure is, ON THE ROLLER.  Alternate tie-downs like the roller axle or the side support struts, places excess stress on the roller axle mechanism, which can cause an expensive and usually very inconvenient failure of the awning roller mechanism. 

Imagine having your awning collapse from a mechanism failure caused by a sudden unexpected wind storm, when you are miles from any service centres. 

These Stainless Steel Awning Roller Clips will at least guarantee that you have secured your awning to the ground in the safest manner possible.

The clips fit into the rope slot on the van side of the roller, and sit over the top of the roller, thereby creating a solid support between the roller and the ropes.

Use these Roller Clips with twin ropes and pegs at each end of your awning to be doubly sure. 

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